Paul McDermott Plus One - Blood Orange

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Comedian, TV star, WUNDERKIND Paul McDermott and his plus one, return with their brand-new show. Paul McDermott Plus One: Blood Orange

Paul McDermott has been fighting tyranny, injustice, and ennui for over 40 years, armed only with comedy and a pretty voice. Paul McDermott Plus One is the brainchild of Australian comedy legend Paul McDermott (Doug Anthony All Stars/Good News Week/THE SIDESHOW/JJJ).

Onstage, the maestro is joined by Launceston's own Glenn Moorhouse, the "plus one", Tasmanian born musical director, guitarist and comrade. The mix of Paul’s angelic choir boy vocals with his signature vitriolic incision they create an unmissable evening of fervour and delight. 

After two years of ground-breaking, award-winning comedy dealing with the personal and global effects of COVID 19, Paul McDermott Plus One returns with Blood Orange. A dynamic and aweinspiring collection of verbal and musical absurdity.

A conceptual odyssey chronicling (through comedy, song and liturgical dance) the downfall of civilisation (thus far with 100% accuracy). Find out where we’ve been and where we’re going in this dazzling creation that critiques contemporary society. Featuring glorious life affirming music, with disconcerting and dubious comedy.

Get a ringside seat for the end of the world. As nations battle it out for global domination and we edge ever closer to nuclear annihilation, or some divine reckoning, let’s kick back and have a final giggle. Dark laughs and cruel humour abound in this new engaging work.


  • Thursday, 23 November 2023 | 07:30 PM - 09:00 PM


Arts Theatre

Burnie Arts Centre, 77-79 Wilmot Street, Burnie, 7320, View Map and directions

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