Burnie Arts Council


Burnie Arts Council Inc (BAC) is the original branch of Tasmanian Regional Arts, serving as a pioneer in promoting and fostering arts and culture in the region for over 70 years. BAC is dedicated to elevating the profile of Burnie as a vibrant arts hub, bringing together local arts organizations, advocating for arts development, and spearheading impactful community projects.

One of BAC's notable initiatives is their biennial competition, Paper On Skin, which showcases innovative and cutting-edge designs on paper as a medium for artistic expression. This competition serves as a platform for artists to push creative boundaries and explore the intersection of paper and skin as a canvas for their art.

BAC's unwavering commitment to supporting the arts has resulted in significant contributions to the local creative community, nurturing emerging artists, and promoting cultural enrichment in Burnie and beyond. With their rich history and tireless efforts, BAC continues to play a pivotal role in advancing the arts and fostering a vibrant and dynamic cultural landscape in the region.

Burnie Arts Council Inc warmly welcomes new members who share a passion for the arts and recognize the significant role that arts and culture play in our community. Membership is not limited to those who identify as artists, but open to anyone with an interest in the arts. Whether you are a local resident or from the wider region, you are invited to join our vibrant community of arts enthusiasts.

Monthly meetings are held on the 4th Wednesday of every month at 3.45pm at the Burnie Arts and Function Centre, with the gathering point being the Box Office. This provides an opportunity for members to connect, collaborate, and contribute to the ongoing initiatives and projects of BAC. Together, we can work towards promoting and advancing the arts in Burnie and creating a thriving cultural environment for everyone to enjoy.