Federation Street

Federation Street

Located at the Burnie Regional Museum

Burnie circa 1900 

Wander the charming Federation Street and see how ordinary people lived more than 110 years ago. Discover the lifestyles and aspirations of our forebears through rooms that are alive with personal treasures, memorabilia and tools of the trade. It is easy to get lost in the charm and detail of the general store or be relieved that, as far as kitchen and laundry appliances go, things have moved on!

Each store features a trade or profession important to a pioneering community. There is a saddler and boot maker’s shop, a blacksmith’s forge, printer, photographer and even a dentist! Each is based on an actual business that once existed in Burnie.

A great indoor activity for tourists, visitors, locals, families, children after school and holidays.


Capturing the past

Peter Grenville Mercer, OAM, AMAA, was the Director of the Pioneer Village Museum between 1970 and 1975. Peter's vision as founder, designer and developer made possible the establishment of the Burnie Regional Museum.

An avid collector, many of the objects on display in Federation Street came from his private museum, which he operated in Launceston and the Ridgley between 1942 and 1969.

Inspired by the famous period streets of the York Castle Museum in England, the Pioneer Village Museum opened in 1971 and was the first indoor historic village built in Australia.

The Museum was rebranded the Burnie Regional Museum in 2011 to better reflect the diversity and significance of the collection.


Federation Street - The Dental Surgery



Federation Street Exhibits

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