Exhibition Opening - Oceanicus

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Ian Parry & Joshua Andree

There is an Alchemy in the ocean. A way of dissolving and reforming that although destructive is ultimately creative with enduring outcomes for the greater good.

Both Ian Parry and Joshua Andree follow this same history of oceanic science in their distinctly individual Art practices.

An ironic contrast of orange fire, in all its warmth maintains cohesion beneath the surface of the paintings curated to form this exhibition of seascapes.

Salty, hard work corrodes away the unnecessary and leaves an evaporated purity. The soul under the sight can be seen through these substantial paintings.

Ian heaves, Josh hos and together they move a gargantuan ship across vast oceans of Artistic output.

Whilst Parry conjures with raw and powerful emotion, Andree further distills through clarity and focus. Together, they bring us a combined and complete vision following the human voyage across centuries of creative exploration.

Parry paints uniquely but firmly within the boundaries of established abstraction. His masterful works rely on and expand the very emotion of the ocean.

Andre’s painting, in contrast begins in expressionist grounding but is resolved through meticulously detailed realist representations of the sea.

Between these two distinctly different Colville Gallery Artists we also find a harmony across time. The endless ebb and flow of water captivates them both, regardless of their contrasts.

Both Ian Parry and Joshua Andree continue to create important observations regarding our ongoing relationship with the ocean.

The visual conversation taking place during Oceanicus speaks of hope, longing, return and recovery.

The communication taking us to a place harmonized between the heart and the mind.

A story told by every wave and every coast in an enduring tale of give and take.


This exhibition will run from 26th November  2022 until 3rd January 2023

Intersection art space is open Wed - Sun 10am - 4pm


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  • Saturday, 26 November 2022 | 05:30 PM - 07:30 PM


Intersection Art Space, 4-22 Wilmot Street, Burnie, 7320, View Map and directions

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