Draft Architectural Plans

Second Round Consultation for your feedback.

If you like what you see please let us know, if you have some comments about the draft architecture, let us know those too!

We have reached an important milestone in our strategy to develop a new Cultural Centre for Burnie.  Council has received the completed draft scheme for the reimagined Burnie Arts & Function Centre from the architect 'Xsquared'

The overarching objective of this project is to engage a broader cross-section of our community with a revitalised and reimagined cultural centre attraction that also contributes to a reactivation of the Burnie CBD.  In drawing together museum and art themes with performing arts, functions, retail and a café – all within the one building, we aim to provide an accessible, world-class facility and program for our community as a whole.

We are now inviting feedback from community members on the new Cultural Centre draft architectural plans.

3D Walkthrough


Online Survey - How to provide your feedback

The community consultation period opens Monday 10 October and closes at midnight on 7 November 2022.

Have a look at some of the material

Check out the material we have made available

There is a wide range of material that will give you the sense of what it is that is being proposed –

Step 1.3D walkthrough

Takes you through the architectural design to give us a feel of how the new centre's building is going to look.  It is not yet a representation of how the building will be used in the future or the furnishings or objects that will be on display.  These will be determined at a later stage following the adoption of the architectural design.

Step 2.Mock up images of the Centre

Show the proposed architecture, how it might be used and experienced in the future. The courtyard, artwork and objects are for illustration purposes only at this time.

Step 3.Floor plans

Show the proposed location and function of the spaces within the building for the more detailed.


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We are seeking feedback at this time only on the high level draft architectural concepts


The Survey has now closed

Background Information

Where this project started

Last year the Council changed direction and moved away from building a brand new Cultural Centre (North West Museum and Art Gallery) to instead use the funding that has been secured to refurbish the existing Burnie Arts and Function Centre. 

This decision was made for financial reasons because the additional expense the community would need to incur each year (around $600,000 per year in depreciation) is more than the community can afford to pay.  By investing our funding into an existing building means that the vast majority of this expense is already budgeted for each year saving in the order of half a million dollars each year.

Our vision for the new centre

The vision for the new Centre was created taking account of feedback provided by the community through the first consultation process in 2021.  Our vision is ultimately to create a centre that is multi-faceted showcasing museum objects and history, art exhibitions, performing arts and artistic creativity and development within one building.  Our vision is for our centre to be frequently changing so that it is a place that not only has something to inspire or entice our whole Burnie demographic – but it regularly evolves and has different offerings that keep you coming back time and time again.

This is a centre for Burnie.  That tells stories about Burnie, its history and past, about its people and the things that are important to its community, and about the prosperous future that lies ahead.  Our focus is to get this centre right for the people of Burnie – and that if we succeed in this goal, then others from the broader region and visitors from abroad will naturally be drawn to our Centre too.


Where are we at now

We have been working hard to create the draft architectural plans for the new Centre with the assistance of our partners Xsquared Architects.  We have been fortunate throughout this journey to have had the expertise of a number of key local community members who have held long associations with the Museum and Art Gallery.  We want to thank Tich Ferencz and Eleanor Austin who’s contributions and guidance in co-creating these plans has been extremely valuable, and very much appreciated.

Now we want to hear from you – this is the vision we have for the building.  The Civic Plaza and the surrounding precinct will be considered in time, but not right at this point.  We are focussed on getting the building right, as a means of enabling the experience we are aspiring to create.



Visualisation - Mockup Images

Click on images to enlarge them or download the PDF to view the full set (for both the mockup image above and the floorplans below)


Floorplan Drawings



There are a couple of displays where you may come in to view these in detail:

  • The Council Centre foyer 80 Wilson Street
  • The Burnie Arts and Functions Centre foyer 77-79 Wilmot St