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Published on 24 February 2023


Tips for how to view your tickets after purchasing online


To make arriving at the theatre as streamlined as possible, we offer Tickets@Home.

You can select this option when booking online

At the end of the transaction you will receive a confirmation email with links which allow you to either:

  • print your tickets at home OR
  • add them to your Apple Wallet or Google Pay Wallet.

When arriving at the theatre, make sure you have your ticket barcode ready for scanning for prompt admittance.


Reminder: the bar code needs to be visible in order for your ticket to be scanned 


Tickets at Checkout

The default Delivery Method is Tickets@Home, you may change the delivery method by clicking on the pencil.

After your payment has been submitted you will see a click here link to access your Tickets.


click on the image to view:

MyTickets Login

If you selected Tickets@Home delivery method, you may access your tickets from the link at checkout, the link in your email, or from the BurnieArts website.

MyTickets Login

click on the image to enlarge or zoom in:



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