The Local GP

Most general medical practitioners, particularly those in pioneering country districts, were true servants to the public.  Their dedication and compassion often went well beyond the call of duty.  They would be prepared to turn out at any time of night, in rain hale or snow to tend to the needs of the sick.  If a patient obviously had little money they often did not charge a fee for their services.


Dr. Henry Z. Stephens was one of these men.  Soon after graduating from St. Thomas’ Hospital, London in 1890, he took up residence in Burnie and practised in the town for 25 years. 


The museum’s collections have grown considerably since 1971 and now represent much more than what is on display in the Federation Street.  They represent the history of Burnie from the time the first group of explorers struck out from Port Sorell to discover the unexplored wilderness of the North West Coast in 1826 right up to the present day.  This museum is the third largest in Tasmania.  It holds collections from most of the major players in Burnie’s history.  Some of the most special and interesting items in the museum’s collection have been chosen for inclusion in this book.