School Group Visits


School-group Visits

The Burnie Regional Museum provides a unique environment for students of all ages to learn about their local and regional history. Teachers are encouraged to visit the Museum prior to bringing their students.



Brief students about the aims of the excursion and what they can expect to see at the museum.  You may also wish to undertake some pre and post-visit activities. Talk to your students about appropriate behaviour in a museum, including voice volume, touching exhibits and respecting other visitors. Students will need to bring their own clipboards, pens and pencils. It is recommended that at least one-hour be allowed for the visit.


At the Museum

School bags should be left on the bus, however, if necessary they may be left in the foyer area of the museum. Ideally the class should be divided into small groups, with a supervising adult, and each allocated a different starting point in the Museum. No food or drink is allowed in our exhibition spaces. 



Entry for all children, teachers, and accompanying adults is absolutely FREE of charge.