Hansel & Gretel BAFC small.jpg

12 September  - 21 September 

Burnie High School presents Hansel & Gretel by Alan P Frayn

12 September to 21 September

Can Bluebell, the Fairy of the Forest, manage to rescue Hansel and Gretel before they are eaten by Nightshade, the Wicked Witch of the Woods?


25 September 

Picasso and His Dog is inspired by the true life story of Pablo Picasso and his sausage dog Lump.


8 October 

“Kids Dance Party (6-14 years) | Live DJ | Qualified Dance Teachers | Games & Prizes

School holiday fun: learn new dance moves, listen to great music, dance to different rhythms, express your creativity… and have fun!”


11 October 

Step back to the 1950’s and enjoy an evening of energetic music and swing dancing, in the Town Hall – transformed to resemble your local dance hall from yesteryear.

Petula A5 Low Res.jpg

18 October 

DOWNTOWN is a hand-clapping, toe-tapping tribute to the woman who at the height of Beatlemania wrestled the Fab Four for the number one position on the music charts – and came out on top!

Kutcha Edwards - Photo by Mardi Thorpe  (6) (1).jpg

20 October 

It's more than music and entertainment, it's more than history and culture. Kutcha Edwards sings his story; that is his Songline.

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22 October  - 22 October 

For more than 30 years, Mem Fox’s Possum Magic has captivated and enchanted young people all over Australia.


24 October 

Have you always wanted a perfect body, with rock hard abs and buns of steel without ever getting out of bed?


7 November 

Lee Kernaghan is one of the all-time greats of Australian music with 38 number 1 hits and a ute load of Golden Guitar awards to his credit.

Following his sold out 25th Anniversary Tour Lee began turning his experiences out on the road into songs and a brand new album “Backroad Nation”.


15 November 

Johnny O’Keefe was the pioneer of rebellious Australian rock and roll, predecessor to the likes of Bon Scott, Jimmy Barnes, and Michael Hutchence that succeeded him. Often labelled as Australia’s Elvis, his explosive live shows left a mark on the best of the best in global rock royalty including Buddy Holly and Roy Orbison.


5 March 

What happens when pure comedy takes human form.

KBW DL 2019 Blank jpeg.jpg

16 June 

The Kevin Bloody Wilson Show is not just a concert performance, for most, it’s a full on event and an opportunity to tick from your bucket-list a chance to see Australia’s most unique International comedy legend. Kevin has become a national institution – a must see for any person wanting to see absolute original Australian comedy.