23 November  - 25 November 

DoMaur Productions presents

Get Reeln poster.jpg

25 November  - 25 November 

Get Reel’n is the annual variety concert hosted by the Burnie School of Irish Dance. The school is associated with the not-for-profit group including the Burnie Highland Pipe Band and St Andrews Dancing School. Come and join us for our end-of-year celebration with a show packed with singing, music and dance.

NWAB LWW 2017.jpg

2 December 

Step through the wardrobe and enter the enchanting world of Narnia!

Concert Flyer December 2017 Poster.jpg

9 December 

Burnie Concert Band presents The BIG Hits – a range of tunes from Tchaikovsky to the Beach Boys to Adele – at our end of year gala performance.


16 February  - 24 February 

Minefields and Miniskirts is told from the perspective of five women who were involved in the Vietnam War as either an entertainer, a nurse, a journalist, a volunteer or the wife of a Vietnam veteran.

Ghost Rock Concert in The Vines 2018 Poster_small.jpg

24 February 

SHOW TIMES: 12noon until approximately 6pm. Gates open at 10am.

Babba - 2017 image.bmp

10 May 

BABBA - Calling All Dancing Queens Tour!
Welcome to the wonderful musical illusion that is BABBA.
For 22 years, BABBA have been thrilling audiences with their superb re-creation of 70’s super group ABBA and the legacy of hits they gave us.

Johnny Cash The Concert Revisits Folsom Final.jpg

30 August 

Presented by Daniel Thompson & Stuie French with Happy Days Records.