Patron Information

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Disabled Access

Burnie Arts & Function Centre is committed to making performances, services and facilities accessible to all patrons.

A new access ramp to all major venues of the Burnie Arts & Function Centre was completed in 2012. The covered walkway provides direct access to the Town Hall, Braddon Hall and the Theatre. Access to the Town Hall via the Plaza or southern end of the Burnie Arts & Function Centre is only available on special occasions.

Wheelchair access and seating that allows more room for the use of mobility aids are available in all venues. However, walking frames are not permitted in the auditorium, but may be used by patrons to help them to their seat. Ushers will store the walker and return it to the patron at the conclusion of the performance. If you have any special needs, staff will do their best to ensure they are accommodated and you have the most appropriate seats available. Please make your requirements known when booking.

To arrange access for out of hours entry, please inform Burnie Arts & Function Centre duty staff of your arrival, or alternatively, phone (03) 6430 5850 during business hours.

Disabled Access to the Regional Art Gallery is at the main entrance on Wilmot Street.


Smoking is not permitted anywhere within the Burnie Arts & Function Centre or within 3m of the entrance ramp. There are cigarette bins near the northern, middle and southern entrances, as well as in the Plaza near the fountain.

Electronic Devices

To ensure an enjoyable experience for all visitors and no distractions for our performers, we ask all patrons to ensure they turn off or mute all mobile phones, pages, chiming watches, alarms and all other electronic devices before entering the Theatre/Hall.

Cameras/Recording Devices

Due to copyright restrictions the use of still and video cameras, mobile phones and other recording devices are NOT permitted during performances, or in the Art Gallery. If there is an exception, it will be announced before the commencement of the performance, or via signage in the Gallery.


Patrons arriving late to any performance will NOT be admitted until a suitable break occurs in the performance. The Front of House Manager will determine the suitable time of entry for all latecomers.

Food & Beverages

Beverages and dry food purchased from Burnie Arts & Function Centre are the only consumables permitted in the Arts Theatre or Town Hall during performances.

Food and Beverages are not permitted in the Art Gallery.

Prams / Pushers

Prams and pushers are NOT permitted in the Arts Theatre or Town Hall. However, we will happily store them while you attend one of our performances. Please ask one of our friendly staff members for assistance.

General Risks of the Theatre

Please be aware of trip hazards, row spacing, stairs, and the lack of lighting during a performance. Other production elements such as loud noises or music, bright lights, pyrotechnic stage effects, strobe lights, smoke or haze, and show content, may also be of concern. 

COVID Safe Information