The Vision


The Vision

The Council has a new vision for its refurbished Cultural Centre, which was the subject of a number of rounds of community consultation which commenced in July 2021. The Burnie Cultural Centre Report, often referred to as the Hirst Report, was the outcome of this consultation, which was modified based upon the feedback received from the community. 

These changes were made to acknowledge Burnie’s rich artistic and cultural history; the contribution made by our many volunteers; and a commitment to maintaining the status of a regional art gallery in the future redevelopment and operation of the new Cultural Centre.

The vision for our centre is to be an integrated and contemporary facility where our city is celebrated and where the community can share their history and experience their cultural objects and exhibitions; where our artistic collection can be shared and celebrated; where people can come together to experience performing arts, events and a wide range of artistic workshops and seminars, as well as being a place for our city to just hang out.  We want our Cultural Centre to be a hub for our community.

The Burnie Cultural Centre Report(PDF, 3MB)  (revised and adopted) was adopted at the August 2021 Council Meeting.

Council Meeting Minutes - 24 August 2021(PDF, 33MB)  
Consideration of Community Feedback and Endorsement of Hirst Project Report - pg 181