A Boy Called Sailboat - POSTPONED

3 September 

A Boy Called Sailboat_Grigroyans.jpg

The Australian creative team behind new movie ‘A Boy Called Sailboat’, Cameron Nugent (director) and Andrew Curry (producer) are proud to present a special screening of their award-winning movie featuring Australia’s finest guitar duo, the Grigoryan Brothers, who created and arranged the haunting soundtrack to the movie, performing live.

 This simple yet moving film is the story of a devout Hispanic family discovering fresh hope in their extraordinary son Sailboat, when a loving personal gesture awakens a global desire. Armed with a “little guitar” and shadowed by an unblinking sidekick, Sailboat leads an offbeat cast into the miraculous story of the greatest secret never told – until now.

 “The musical themes in “A Boy Called Sailboat” are an integral part of the film, and as such the execution had to be perfect. Lucky for us we met Slava and Lenny, the magnificent Grigoryan Brothers, who delivered way above expectation. Their performance in the recording is just sublime, and once we heard it, we just knew that it would be best heard live.

To have such virtuoso musicians play on the film was a very personal honour, and the experience of hearing the creations in the studio was pure joy. We are very proud to be able to present this special screening and live performance of the musical score of “A Boy Called Sailboat, and just know that you will be treated to a wonderful experience,”



Dates & Times

Thursday, 3 September 2020


Child U16
Family of 4
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