Works on Loan

Sometimes individuals, groups or organizations who own valuable art works, loan their collections to public institutions that are able to take professional care of them, and also, so that the works may be enjoyed by a larger audience. The Burnie Regional Art Gallery provides ideal accommodation with controlled climate conditions (humidity and temperature).

From time to time these works are put on display for the enjoyment of the public. The ones listed below are amongst the more valuable.

On Loan from the Batmen Superannuation Fund

Fred Williams, Tree Stump, 1977, oil on canvas, 124.5x119cm

On loan from the Opal Trust

Haughton Forrest, Beauty Point, Tamar River, undated, oil on canvas, 45x75cm
Haughton Forrest, Corra Lynn, Esk River, 1886, oil on canvas, 49x75cm
Haughton Forrest, Flats of Loch Inverness, undated, oil on board, 30x45.5cm
Haughton Forrest, Langdale Pikes, Westmoreland, England undated, oil on board, 46.5x30.5cm
Haughton Forrest, Narcissus River, undated, oil on board, 46x30cm
Haughton Forrest, Rio de Janeiro, undated, oil on board, 27x25cm
Haughton Forrest, Adventure Bay, Bruny Island, 1909, oil on board, 43x28cm
Haughton Forrest, Kingston Beach, Tasmania, undated, oil on board, 29.5x45.5cm

On loan from The Swansea Heritage Centre & Glamorgan Spring Bay Council

Godfrey Rivers, Moving Camp, 1888, oil on canvas, 90x112cm