The Burnie Regional Art Gallery Collection

Brett Whiteley, View of the Garden, 1977, lithograph on paper, ed. 28/7, 76 cm x 57 cm, from the print collection of the Burnie Regional Art Gallery

Brett Whiteley, View of the Garden, 1977, lithograph on paper, ed. 28/7, 76 cm x 57 cm, from the print collection of the Burnie Regional Art Gallery

The Burnie Regional Art Gallery was opened in the lower level of the then Burnie Civic Centre on August 12, 1978. The Centre, with its two theatres, several function rooms and convention facilities, was officially opened on October 16, 1976.

On May 28, 1980 the Art Gallery Advisory Committee adopted an acquisition policy It was decided to acquire the finest examples available in the fields of drawing, printmaking, photography, watercolour and gouache painting. Thus the collection contains work by many well-known Australian artists including Jack Carington Smith, Peter Booth, Euan MacLeod, David Chapman, Geoff Dyer, Bea Maddock, Lloyd Rees, Sidney Nolan Brett Whitely and Mike Parr, to name just a few.

The Burnie Regional Art Gallery has over one thousand works in its collection. The special focus is on works on paper, in recognition of the strong historical presence of the papermaking industry in the region.

548 of these works are prints made by 191 Australian artists, including some important figures in Australian art in the last century as well as contemporary practitioners, including many with connections to Tasmania. With the establishment of the biennial Burnie Print Prize in 2007, Burnie is gaining a national reputation for its promotion of the art of printmaking, the prize being the second richest prize for printmaking (after the Fremantle print Prize).

Another focus is the acquisition of work by Tasmanian artists, and so many Tasmanian artists with national profiles are in the collection, including Raymond Arnold and Kit Hiller.

In addition to acquisitions, the collection is augmented by occasional generous gifts from artists and benefactors and by long-term loans. Also since 1994, the major winner of the annual Burnie Coastal Art Group TasArt Exhibition, a prize sponsored by the Burnie City Council, goes into the collection.

Australian artists in the Burnie Regional Art Gallery Print Collection

(Note – those who are represented by more than one print have the number of works indicated in brackets):

Rashida Abdel Aziz, Ian Abdulla, Tony Ameneiro (2), Ardell Armstrong, Ray Arnold (17), Charles Arnot (3), David Aspden (8), Marion Baker, Barbara Bennett (5), Charles Blackman (3), Dean Bowen (2), Arthur Boyd (12), John Brack (2), Pat Brassington, Janine Bravery (5), Vivienne Breheney, Gemma Brogan, Geoffrey Brown (18), Robert Brown, Johnny Bulunbulun (3), Jeff Burgess (20), Peter Burgess, Ruth Burgess (3), Denise Campbell (25), Penny Carey Wells, Tom Carment, Karen Casey, Jon Cattapan, John Chaplin (2), Robert Clarke (2), Isobel Clement, Jock Clutterbuck, John Coburn, Tony Coleing, Kevin Connor, Anne Connors, Filomena Coppola, Christina Corero, Noel Counihan, Fred Cress (6), Christopher Croft, Ray Crooke (5), Tanya Crothers, Aspden David (7), Robert Dickerson, Julie Djarpirri, Caroline Durre (1), Helen Eager, Peter Ellis, Rod Ewins, Ruth Faeber (36), John Firth-Smith (5), Dale Fleming, Dianne Fogwell, Christine Forsyth (3), Belinda Fox (2), David Frazer, Donald Friend, Fumio Fujita, Sigi Gabrie, Joel Gailer, Betsy Gamble (2) Ian Gardiner, Ross Gash, Kerry Giles, Angela Gill (3) James Gleeson, Rona Green, Kerry Gregan, Gracia Haby, Basil Hadley (9) Basil Hall, Rita Hall, Fiona Hall (5), Treahna Hamm, Rew Hanks (4), Barbara Hanrahan, (12) Gregory Harrison, Geoffrey Harvey (2) Shaw Hendry, Harold Herbert, Christine Hiller, Brian Hirst, Noela Hjorth (5) Keith Howard, Robert Jacks, Ross Jackson, Abie Jangala, Tim Jones, Julie Kearney, Roger Kemp(3), Michael Kempson (11), Mavis Kerr (3), Graham King, Barbie Kjar, Hertha Kluge-Pott, Les Kossatz, Graham Kuo, Marine Ky, Alun Leach-Jones (17), Fiona Leonard, Lawrence Leslie, Bruno Leti, Kevin Lincoln, Sir Lionel Lindsay (2), Vivienne Littlejohn, George Lo Grasso (4), John Loane (7), Dianna Longley, Keith Looby (20), Bea Maddock (13), Victor Majzner (5), Penny Malone, Jennifer Marshal, Mandy Martin, Jennifer Martiniello, Christine Mccarthy, Queenie Mckenzie, Anne McMaster, Justin McShane, Arone Meeks, Bill Meyer (14), Bill Milaybuma (3), Max Miller, Diana Mills, Milan Milojevic (6), Patricia Moy (9), Daniel Moynihan, Bernadine Mueller (3), Michael Muruste, John Neeson (2), Anne Newmarch, Sydney Nolan, Dennis Nona, John Olsen, Edward Parfenovics (3), Jim Paterson, Ian Pearson (3), John Peart (3), Colin Peck, Graeme Peebles, Jenny Peterson, Susan Pickering, Cat Poljski,Thecia Puruntatameri, Ronald Quick, Ben Quilty (2), Timothy Ralph, David Rankin (10), Sweeney Reed, Lloyd Rees, David Reid (2), Adam Rish (5), Toni Robertson (5), Sally Robinson, John Robinson, William Robinson, Elizabeth Rooney, David Rose (5), Martin Russell, John Ryrie, Olga Sankey (2), Michael Schlitz (4), John Scurry, Brian Seidl, Jan Senbergs (9), Michael Shannon (3), Martin Sharp, Margie Sheppard, Heather Shimmen, Gary Shinfield (2), Alberr Shomaly (4), Jeffrey Smart, Tim Storrier (2), Shirley Strano, Sophia Szilagyi, Madeleine Szymanski (4), James Taylor, Kati Thamo, Imants Tillers, Noelita Timaepatua, Amanda Townsend, Ryllton Viney (12), Mark Visione, Judy Watson, Barry Weston, Brett Whiteley, Stephen Wickham, Christine Willcocks, James Willebrant, Fred Williams (12), Margaret Wilson, Karen Wood (8), Helen Wright (7), Vera Zulumovski.